After spending 5 weeks as a private photographer in Thermal, I've met so many wonderful people, made amazing friends, and photographed amazing horse and rider combinations. Here are some reasons that I believe private coverage is the future of event and show photography.

1. Personalized style and prices: Each photographer has a different style and following a different price range. This allows each individual person to choose their respective photographer based on what they can afford and what they want in terms of photos.

2. No more standard charge: The days paying by photo are over with private coverage. When hiring a private photographer, you are paying for multiple photos that cover the entire experience of your show. From warm-ups, going over the course with your trainer, all of the pony pats, hugs and kisses, and of course in the ring!

3. No wasted resources: Official photographers have been there for us at horse shows for the longest time and we are forever thankful for them! Who else would have captured all of those memories? But being an official photographer who has to cover every ring, there's a lot of overhead, i.e. payroll, vendor fees, and gear upkeep. No one wants to see the current official photographers struggle to make money because their resources are being used on rings or people that don't want the photos. With private photography, you can target the people that will want the photos and will pay the money for them. And these clients will be forever grateful and cherish the photos forever.

4. Guaranteed coverage: No more having to wonder if the OP got photos of that one really important class, or the first time in the ring with your new horse, or the last show with your long trusted partner. We love our OP's and we're thankful for them but they can't be everywhere and cover everyone when there's thousands of competitors!

I had an absolute BLAST at Thermal. If I hadn't gone to Thermal, I definitely would not be where I am right now; happy with myself, my business, my photography and HAPPY with life! I am truly thankful to my clients, friends and family who have supported my business thus far and I can't wait to add more people to that list! Thank you all so much.

If you'd like to learn more about hiring me at shows on the West Coast, inquire here. I will be accepting bookings for Sunshine Series very soon so keep an eye out for that by following me on social media! More info can be found here!

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